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Jinan Zhangqiu SEO providers promise following a brief introduction of several mobile terminal site optimization promotion Note:
Write an attractive title, allowing users to see point wanted to go
(1), themed.
(2), plain and simple, not to exceed 17 man, if there will be more than off-line phenomenon.
(3) and try to show the brand words.
(4) In the case of site content and matches do attract attention.
Second, the characteristics of search terms
Mobile end users customize the information retrieval is initiated immediate search request, the search business telephone number, address and a specific product (name) how, how good or bad other search words more, which, Jinan Connaught Suppliers Zhangqiu website optimization tips do long-tail words such questions like the word, wireless site when doing good planning can block such content.
据 数据显示,移动流量在早上、中午、傍晚和晚上四个时间段较大,周末和节假日移动流量较充足,旅游等娱乐行业的移动推广商业流量充分。
Third, the search time
According to the authoritative data show that mobile traffic in the morning, noon, evening and night periods four large mobile traffic on weekends and holidays than adequate, tourism and other mobile entertainment industry to promote the full commercial traffic.
Internet users in different sectors of the target customers of mobile Internet behavior and time on the Internet covering a difference, to be based on facts guide advertising.
Fourth, search keywords
Mobile end multi brand search terms related words, including the words and their brand counterparts enterprise noun (word competing products), such words conversion rate is relatively high, which, Ma Haixiang recommendation to promote brand mobile terminal related words must be covered comprehensive (not to mention the words of competing products to prevent complaints deduction credit points).
Fifth, do not describe the same
Do not use the default description form, it should be done on each page with the matching description to summarize this page, play a role in pushing title supplement, which, Ma Haixiang suggest that you should do this:
(1), further added to the title, precise and accurate description of the page, do not avoid stuffing keywords.
(2), so that each page a different description.
(3) reasonable length will be truncated beyond the phenomenon.
Sixth, the search area
Three hundred forty-five cities of mobile phone users is much higher than PC users, only local (four-tier cities), enterprises can seize the movable end of the promotion, especially in the local life service industries, such as the effect of domestic service class is very good.
At the same time, to broaden the market of three hundred forty-five line business also by means of wireless channels, wireless site built as soon as possible, to seize business opportunities.
Finally, Jinan Zhangqiu SEO providers promise to remind you that: From the user perspective, the optimization is to comply with "customer is king", In addition, a mobile terminal outside the chain work with the PC client is synchronized.