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Network publicity methods have many kinds, but also each have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the most suitable for their own? Here are a few more mainstream publicity methods, we can refer to:
Search engine ranking
Search engine is a basic method for people to discover new websites. Register and get the best ranking on the main search engine is an important way to promote your products and popularity. Web site to submit to the main search engine as soon as possible after the official release. Google is the world's most popular search engine, Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine. If your site can be ranked on the first page, just rely on the search engine can give you a steady stream of traffic. This is the first method of network marketing.
Two: exchange links
With some simple forms of cooperation between the complementary strengths of the site, with links respectively on their own sites placed on each other's LOGO or text and set up the other site, of course as a hyperlink will let you return to each other, the user can find their own website cooperation from the website, to achieve mutual promotion. 619 not recommended for large-scale exchange links, that your site is too messy, and has been listed as the search engine cheating risk.
Three: mail group
In the early years of the publicity effect is good, because when the mail is very fresh, and not many people sent, people naturally easy to accept. But now the bulk mail has disaster caused by flooding water. The effect is not as good as before.
Four: BBS information release
Publicity information in the BBS information or forum, this method is very strong timeliness, popularity of the place very easy to be pushed to the back of the cold place and No one shows any interest in, popularity is not up to the network propaganda effect. This method need often have time to post or maintenance.
Five: network advertising
Do online advertising is also a way of network propaganda, refers to the large scale of the portal site or large amount of Web site to do publicity. This network promotion method can directly increase the amount that browse your site so as to achieve the effect of publicity, imagine if the NetEase or the YAHOO home page has links to your site, one day can bring you many IP? The propaganda method is the fastest, most is to spend money.
Six: viral marketing
病毒营销是一种信息传递策略,通过公众将信息廉价复制,告诉其他受众,从而迅速扩大自己的影响。病毒营销指的是厂商通过网络短片、低调的网络活动或是电子邮件信息的方式在全球网络社群发动营销活动,利用口碑传播成为与消费者交流强有力的媒介形式。它的本质就是让用户们彼此间主动谈论品牌。 其实网络宣传方法还有很多种,随着互联网渗入到社会的每个角落,肯定还会不断有新的方法产生,也一定会各有优劣。
Viral marketing is a kind of information transmission strategy, through the public information will be cheap reproduction, tell other audiences, so as to quickly expand their influence. Viral marketing refers to the manufacturers through the network video, low-key networking activities or e-mail information way to launch marketing activities in the global Internet community, the use of word-of-mouth communication become powerful forms of media and consumers. Its essence is to allow users to talk to each other about the brand. In fact, there are many kinds of network propaganda method, with the Internet into every corner of society, there will certainly continue to have a new approach to produce, it will also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
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