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For the webmaster, novice or accounted for a large proportion, many people are beginning to establish their own web site, some people may not know how to start the station, so this article will describe the detail for us to start from the site selection process, site location, buy space and domain name and other steps, can make those just get started without guidance to do the webmaster understand a basic direction.
First, preparation

Although the technology is not a threshold, but we still need to know some basic knowledge. Such as the use of any FTP upload files, how to bind and resolve domain names, database connections, HTML and CSS basics, etc.. These are also very easy to seriously study, get started very quickly. For those who love the Internet, we will naturally learn to contact. However, in order to be more competitive, we must lay the foundation. Since we enter the Internet market, we must also understand the market, which is also necessary.


Two, site positioning
The Internet is indeed a very large and wide range of resources, we are not enough mining, but in their own factors, it is impossible to do any aspect of the site we will succeed. Need to locate, to grasp the direction and route of the development of their own website.
Three, site selection
With the opening up of China's open source boom, this is to give us a very good opportunity. We will save a lot of manpower and material resources to develop web applications, it can be said that the domestic open source business to give us a small springboard. When it comes to the domestic web site procedures, there are open source, there is no open source, free of charge, there is no free.
Four, space and domain name
The domain name can be said is the soul of the website, choose a good domain name, then our success from a little distance, the domain name should now be very cheap or go to A5 to buy a total spend hundreds of domain names is also good.
In the domain name registration, try to pay attention to a few points:
1) related to the theme of the site. For example, the regional site can register the local telephone area code, ground pinyin.
2) as far as possible to register the domain name of.Com, for the status quo of the search engine,.Com higher weight, of course, the other can also be.
3) try to remember the domain name. Such as www.poluoluo.com, etc..
4) choose a stable domain name provider.
下面就是空间了,既然说域名是灵魂,那么空间就是网站的依托体了。一个网站成功与否,空间也占很大一部分影响。 做站,更更需要的就是一个稳定,无论你提供多么好的服务,但是不稳定,用户也会慢慢失去兴趣的。
The following is space, since the domain name is the soul, then the space is the site of the body. A website is successful or not, the space also accounts for a large part of the impact. Do stand, most need is a stable, no matter how good you provide services, but unstable, users will slowly lose interest.
The above is a small series for you to explain the knowledge, we have a strict working attitude, skilled work skills, will ensure that the task is accurate and efficient completion.