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Web site will encounter a lot of problems to promote the site, on the promotion of skills, first, from the station to do the experience of this is very necessary; second, you can also fill the gaps in the existing promotion tutorial. Now introduced by the small post promotion techniques and details.
A clear website positioning
Originally this problem does not belong to the scope of the post, but because the positioning is accurate to directly affect the user group to find, so please ask everyone to pay attention to this problem. General new look at this problem seems to know what is vague, but what is not specific. If you have this kind of situation, it is really necessary to turn off the computer.
Two. Looking for user groups
This is also very important, do a good job will get twice the result with half the effort. Usually, you write a post what is the nature of the mechanism of anti ad forum, you generally have to what the nature of the forum, then you send your post column determines the nature of what users can draw.
Three. Post.
A. anti ad
Usually post website information revealing too much, it will be the forum administrator delete, serious titles, such as The loss outweighs the gain.. To deal with this situation, now teach you a trick, is implicit ad, a good administrator does not determine whether AD; also not because ad information is too exposed and cause the reader, your website readers secretly went to the heart. In addition, even if the implicit ad also do not send too much at once, because too much will cause the attention of the administrator, usually one can send a two article, post more words can be separated by 2 days later, does not affect the effect of.
B. attractive topics



Post title is not good, no matter how good the content is not how many people will see, I believe we all understand. But how can I do better, I believe not many people think. Simple is summed up according to the user's needs and an antidote against the disease. First, to observe your users, see the browser more reply post, if you really want to come out, you can put a jar of topic change to another jar; second, watch the news media.
C. efficiency
As a last resort, in order to achieve greater results in less time, we have to pay attention to efficiency. First of all BBS users have collected at the beginning, not too much, much of the chaos, then in accordance with the above method of anti backfire; ad, time and post, not all of a sudden the posts are made to play; finally, remember yourself properly to the top post, best and post the wrong time, reduce ad suspects, when the promotion of stability in the several jar down the appropriate development of more users.
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