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1, according to the needs of the search engine optimization
搜索引擎对于收录页面并如何判定页面的PR值有一套规则,应该使优化向着搜索引擎的知道原则方向去做使网站被收录的更快更有效的方法。然后,我们要根据搜索引擎的需求,建立一个引导性强的网站导航,也就是平时所讲的网站地图。一个让浏览者进入后不知东西的页面很难留住人,浏览者可能马上离开,提供一项位置导航图不仅可以让用户体验更好,同时可以让搜索引擎的支柱程序更正确更快速的载入并记录网站相关内容,这样有助于提升网页 PR值。
The search engine for the included page and how to determine the PR value of the page has a set of rules, should make to search engine optimization principles that make the direction to do the site is included in the fastest and most effective method. Then, according to the needs of the search engine, we need to build a strong navigation website, which is usually referred to as the site map. A visitor into the page difficult to know things after retain people, visitors may leave now, provide a position navigation chart can not only make the user experience better, and can make the search engine pillar procedure more rapid more correct load and record website content, this helps to enhance the PR value ".
2, choose the most suitable keywords for the site, pay attention to do not stack keywords
Keyword is not necessary for a word or character, in fact, the use of key words can make you better focus on the content of the target customer groups. Once found the number of key words down, must not stint in the page content add some key words. Key words: page content is one of the most attractive to visitors, and strive to ensure that the key points of the content to be recognized by the audience. The use of the most can summarize the content of your web site keywords, and the key words should also be ordinary visitors usually in search of a certain kind of product like your site listed in a category of products used to. Try using a different cable engine directly to see the results of your keyword set under the search engine and improve the results. When building the page content, make sure that the key words that you use to navigate to your site appear in the first sentence, and that's what the search engine shows in the search results.
3, fixed time every day to update content
Once completed the corresponding optimization content and obtained the good PR value, also must be fixed time every day to update the content, we must remember that competitors at any time in some more attractive to you now the customer, your customers may be done. If the site is very old and has not been updated for a long time it is difficult to bring back the web browsing, not to mention retaining the browser, even if your site in search engine search results in front of the very.
4, as much as possible to promote your site
In a large number of topics related to the forum to read, a large number of replies, remember to reply, the signature file must be placed on the site link, which is a good way to promote.
5、在经济条件允许的情况下雇佣 人士
5, in the economic conditions permit the employment of professionals
并非所有的人都有非常 的文字表达能力。雇佣 人士进行网站内容的编排可以有助于使网站页面看上去条例清晰,简洁,内容集中,这样的网站用户感觉更舒服,更愿意回头再浏览。

Not all people have a very professional ability to express. Hiring professionals to arrange the content of the site can help make the web page looks clear, concise, and the content of the site, the site users feel more comfortable, more willing to look back again.


6, the amount of Web site links
The website links to other related sites is crucial to improve the PR value, do not use spam way (through the blog link or link to some there is no content "link factory", but to make some related content, high quality sites link to your web site. I like this website, or can do, we can see that a series of reciprocal links page for outstanding and improve the PR value is a very important link.
7, the use of easy to remember web site, that is, the domain name should be simple and easy to remember
For an easy to attract people, easy to remember the URL is irreplaceable. To make the site brief, easy to remember, which is why Google search engine into the words of this important reason for our daily language.
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