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In order to have a cool page design, some websites only take pains to study creativity. Besides stimulating the eyeballs at the moment users see, the content of some websites is boring and useless. Some websites think that as long as the content is enough to satisfy the users, they can capture the users'hearts. In fact, they are wrong. They lack visual experience. They even have no chance to attract users to stop on the page to read the content carefully. What about beautiful content?



It can be seen that the real practicability of the website is reflected in the perfect combination of web page effect and content experience. Such a website can attract users to browse while recognizing the essence of the content, and harvest their purpose of seeing the website, so that they have the opportunity to improve the possibility of their active visit, enhance the trust between the website and users, and facilitate transformation. Rate, achieve the ultimate goal of mutual benefit with users. How to build a website to improve its practicability? To make the website more practical, we can improve it from the following aspects.


First, websites should not deliberately pursue creativity


As long as the user's visual experience is comfortable after entering the website, it can basically meet the user's sensory needs. Instead of racking your brains to design so-called creativity, although it has certain benefits, it is not necessarily a good thing to spend too much time and energy on it. It is likely to cause neglect of the substance of the website, and ultimately lead users to scan the website in a few seconds before they can find more useful things, and then turn them off.


Second, they can quickly find what they need.


This is what the article said at the beginning. Don't just make the surface but not the inside. That is to say, the content should be valuable. When users are interested in browsing your website, how long they can stay on the website, depending on what content your website has to see, then your website content classification layout should be clear, so that users can identify their desired content at a glance, rather than ambiguous for users to choose and guess, all text users on the website will not read the words carefully. What we need is to focus on, and to meet their needs quickly is enough.


Third, provide search function


When the content of a website is too complex, users have a habit of browsing the website, that is, by inputting the keywords of the target information through the search function, to screen out the relevant information that best meets their needs. At this time, the role of the search box is very important. Don't underestimate this detail, with the search box, your website will be much more practical.



Fourth, the practicability of mobile websites


If your website is built on the mobile side at the same time, you should think about the situation of mobile users using the website at this time. It's better to make a responsive design. Because of the problem of equipment, users will always return to the page after browsing one page after another, so don't forget to tell them where to return.


The above points are all for the sake of making users stay on the website for a little more time. The website does not care how gorgeous it looks. As long as it can make people feel comfortable, the rest are focused on improving the real value of the website, which is the basis of enhancing practicability. After the construction of the website, of course, it is necessary to constantly test and improve the website in order to make the website better. Satisfy users.