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  Website has become a very popular propaganda tool nowadays. Most companies will set up their own websites after they are founded, and the styles of websites are diverse. But the website has been built, if there is no one, it will not play a promotional role. This paper lists some common and useful promotion methods based on many years'experience in optimization of Noble Merchant Information.



  After the construction of the website, how to optimize the promotion of Zhangqiu website?


  From the aspect of promoting websites


  1. Bidding: All kinds of search engine bidding, a comparative understanding should be Baidu Bidding. This style is more suitable for enterprises to promote their own products or services, after all, the cost is relatively high. This model works fast and the results are solid. As long as your account is well-funded, the ranking will always be stable. This is also one of the methods most used by enterprises nowadays.


  2. Keyword ranking: In fact, this is much the same as bidding, and the results are similar. Ordinarily, if we intentionally rank, the activity planning company and the E-commerce network guarantee the promotion style to customers. After all, compared with the competitive bidding, the results are more economical and applicable than the capital consumption. The technical staff will maintain the same information flow for a long time. 3. Information flow: Now, besides Baidu's high bidding heat, they can advertise as information flow, which is usually credible. There are alliance advertisements, network advertisements, soft text promotion, and many other forms of promotion, such as adding website catalogues, various Q&A platforms, forums, blogs, micro-blogs, micro-letters, QQ, e-mail, videos and so on.


  4. Sharing and forwarding: The content of the website is for users to see. When users appreciate your website and accept your opinions or opinions, users will recommend to their colleagues, so that users can spread among themselves. Isn't this the best way to publicize the website? For example, the website can set up some promotion incentive mechanism, promote to send points, points used to exchange prizes and so on. So as usual, customers do websites, will recommend that customers also make mobile website Weifang do websites, or make public numbers through the promotion of sports links website to facilitate forwarding, the results are very good.



  After the construction of the website, how to optimize the promotion of Zhangqiu website?


  From the direction of SEO


  1. Friendship Links: The benefit is that you can promote the weight of the website, improve ranking and increase traffic through mutual recommendation. In addition, you can help the website rank in search engines such as GOOGLE, but too many friendship links will become the burden of webmasters, as well as the burden of the website.

  2.外链:邮件广告 、BBS 宣传、运动宣传。外链的结果不只是为了进步网站的权重,也不仅仅是为了进步某个关键词的排名。一个高质量的外部链接是可以给网站带来很好的流量。

  2. External chain: mail advertisement, BBS propaganda, campaign propaganda. The result of the external chain is not only to improve the weight of the website, but also to improve the ranking of certain keywords. A high quality external link can bring good traffic to the website.

  3.导航网站登陆. 对于一个流量不大, 着名度不高的网站来说, 导航网站能给你带来的流量远远超过搜索引擎以及其他方法。

  3. Navigation website landing. For a website with little traffic and low reputation, navigation website can bring you far more traffic than search engines and other methods.

  4.推广型:微博营销号推广、微信公众营销号软文推广、使用自媒体平台品牌 推广、知乎、博客、论坛软文推广。

  4. Promotion type: micro-blog marketing number promotion, micro-message public marketing number soft text promotion, use of self-Media platform brand promotion, knowledge, blog, forum soft text promotion.


  In short, in order to successfully promote the website, it is necessary to combine a variety of promotion methods, and the content of the website is the core, satisfying the needs of users is the key, and the promotion needs long-term operation and maintenance, and gradually find a more appropriate direction, so as to bring the greatest benefits to the website and the company.