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  With the rapid development of the Internet, many websites have been set up every day, but due to the lack of some knowledge of the founder of SEO website keyword ranking, including user experience, such as unsatisfactory results, edit today's new website, and share with you to set up some problems need attention, can help you prevent some traps.


  1. 网站网址应该是规则和稳定的

  1. Web sites should be regular and stable

  只是很多人开端做网站,由于网站上的初始条件的功用和性能不是很明晰,之后将会改动,以至在站点也可能是很分明后停止排序的操作url或其他变化,搜索引擎蜘蛛匍匐和共同的辨认号码记载网站的url,所以无论在什么状况下,确保稳定的url, 1,假如您需求经过adsense平台“修正工具”重新设计,请通知百度百度修正规则。2、假如原来的页面曾经不再运用,而是要跳转到一个新的页面,能够运用301重定向。3,假如是公司经常举行一年一度的元旦等大型项目,能够添加一个日期,或普通没有特殊的标志归档,并让项目链接是一样的,项目的内容能够用最新的更新,这样我们就能坚持页面的重量和工作的一切页面,防止每年一个新的链接,然后反复以前的工作,这能够防止很多无用功。


  Just a lot of people start to do websites, because the function and performance of the initial conditions on the site is not very clear, it will be changed later, and even stop sorting the operation URL or other changes after the site may be very clear. Search engine spiders creep and common identification number record the URL of the website, so no matter what the situation, make sure. Stable url, 1. If you need to be redesigned by the "correction tool" of Adsense platform, please inform Baidu Baidu of the amendment rules. 2. If the original page is no longer used, but to jump to a new page, can use 301 redirection. 3. If the company often holds large-scale projects such as the annual New Year's Day, and can add a date, or ordinary files without special logo, and make the project links the same, the content of the project can be updated with the latest, so that we can adhere to the weight of the page and all the pages of the work, and prevent a new link every year, After repeating the previous work, this can prevent a lot of useless work.

  2. 确保网站是高质量的

  2. Ensure that the website is of high quality


  When crawling web search engine pays most attention to the high quality content of website content, some people may think that the search engine is not a person. How to judge the quality of my content is not a search engine, of course, but it is a very smart one with its own rules to affirm the quality of your website content and try to add some. Initiative website original high quality content, regular publication, which is conducive to increasing the site including, will make the search engine spider habits to visit your site regularly within a certain period of time.


  Zhangqiu website optimization


  Web pages can't cover everything. Although there are not clear how many websites and search engines will be in grades, it will certainly have a approximate number. Don't hope that every channel of your website, every page contains, is also indexed and ranked well, so our financial editor found that you can put the pages that will participate in the ranking. Focus on Focus Establishment.


  3. Write and absorb user titles


  Some SEO optimizers learn the title party to absorb user clicks and write a very absorbing title, but the content is far from the title, which is not desirable. Write the title from the user's point of view to consider what kind of content users will pay attention to, and then write, for example, users want to know how many items of repayment, project time, how long can be written as "the investment time for the purpose of uben financial management is in March, exceeding 10% annual repayment rate, so that you can easily manage the financial management of online loans". If you want to write high-quality pseudo-original, you can find a keyword to find three or more high-quality content, then put them together, and extract some highlighted full-text content from the article as the title based on the existing content.


  4. 明智天时用时间信息

  4. Use time information wisely


  Believe that everyone in the editing or SEO industry knows that every article page time information may not be used by everyone. If you think you are wrong, network information is an important content. It can inform users that when a search engine spider updates this page, people usually like more new content, and naturally new content will be added. Update the page, so don't underestimate the time information page.


  Some websites may have a problem with page update time information, for example, a page is December 30, 2015, but it always appears higher than the 2014 x month x day or other unrelated page updates, you must recognize this problem, or form a search engine ranking that disturbs you on this page will be unfavorable. Influence.


  5. Accelerating the Establishment of Mobile Website


  With the development of mobile internet, more and more websites begin to pay attention to the establishment of mobile terminals. In the past two years, Baidu has also tried its best to support the development of mobile terminals and mobile development. A year ago, most of the traffic was still on PC and now everything in the past year, the number of mobile terminal access has begun to catch up with the computer, so Xiaobian advocates. If there is no perfect website, we should take time to build mobile terminals. In the future, mobile Internet will never be out of date.


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